Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today, I was heartbroken..

I was on my way home from work.. the red light turns to green and as my car was moving forward, I was sitting in the backseat looking out the window. And there I saw a little boy carrying a big rice sack filled with cardboards and other construction materials. He was about 8-10 years old. It was so heavy that he was walking so slowly, and his body was slouching so low that all he can see is his feet. For a second, I caught a glimpse of his face, he was huffing and puffing, trying to control his breathing, hoping that his breathing will help place his foot in front of the other so that he'll make it to other side of the street.

It broke my heart. I wanted to tell my driver to stop the car and maybe give him some money or help him carry those heavy sack to the other end. But as I was thinking, my car kept driving further and further away and I started crying.

All I could do then was say a prayer asking God to please bless that boy wherever he is and to give him all the strength and courage to face whatever it is that he has to face in this lifetime.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My PRECIOUS Holiday..

I had the most amazing holiday during the lebaran break this year. I was excited about leaving for holiday but I never thought I'd came back feeling so thankful for my life. I am beyond happy and this holiday has made me realized that I have everything that I needed in life.

I was actually planning to visit my sisters in Melbourne and help them with the moving (coz my sisters used to share a house together with 5 other housemates, now they're moving out and renting an apartment to share between the 2 of 'em). Then I thought I might as well visit my best friend in Sydney, as its only a couple of hours away.

So my holiday started in Sydney where I visit her for a couple of days. She and her husband picked me up at the airport and we spent the whole day just talking away and lazying around her house. For the next couple of days, we went shopping, we cooked dinner together, and we did everything together. She joked to me about it before I left that she had took days off from work so she's gonna follow me around like a stalker. I actually have to thank her husband for allowing me to steal her during the time I was there. Each night after shower, her hubby would go straight to their room and sleep. And she'd go straight to my room and we chatted till we almost fell asleep. Visiting her was definitely the highlight of my year. Can't wait to see her again..

After Sydney, I flew to Melbourne to join my family. My parents were already there and I spent a week there with them. I had a wonderful time with them. Especially with my youngest sister. I've missed her so much and being able to spend time with her was a bliss.

Usually after holidaying, I was pretty exhausted and happy to get back home. Not the case this time though. For the first time, I was upset about coming back home. Don't really know why maybe because I left two very important people in my life there..

I was hoping to see them again at the end of the year and hopefully this time I get to spend more time in Sydney.. ;))

Friday, September 19, 2008

A thought...

Turns out sometimes we have to make a big mistake, by doing the wrong things or making the wrong decisions, to figure out how to make things right.

Yes, mistakes are very painful, but making mistakes are the only way to find out who we really are. Mistakes are hard to recover from, at some point we thought we'll never do, but believe me we will, through time. And when we do recover, we are a so much better person.

And we have our mistakes to be thankful for.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm Blessed

I'm blessed for having to wake up early in the morning for work.
I'm blessed for all the sleepless nights, of the exhaustion from work.
I'm blessed for leaving home early in the morning and come back really late at night from work.
I'm blessed for having to be stuck in traffic on the way to and from work.
I'm blessed for being able to do something I love so dearly as a job.

and last but not least..

I'm blessed for having the coolest job in the whole universe.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fair huh?

Life is not fair. I get that! But what I don't get is why people are making it worst than it already is?

Here's an example.. Being a single and working-for-myself woman in my mid-twenties often get frowned upon.. on a regular basis.

I was told.....

1. Not to be caught up in work so much and I need to find a partner.. A.S.A.P!!
Reason that was thrown on me was I'll be too busy working to notice a guy walking my way. And if this is a guy who is so busy working, people around him will think he is a hard worker and is on his way to success.

2. Not to think about pursuing my masters degree.
Reason was because guys do not want to go near a girl who's far more educated than them and also according to them I won't need them as I will eventually end up in the kitchen cooking away for my family.
But when a guy is thinking of doing a masters degree, he is a diligent and smart man for investing and thinking way ahead into his future.

And this is a good one, as I get this a lot.
3. To just go with the flow in my career that I don't have to work too hard and be successful.
Reason: Guys feel intimidated by successful woman.

Believe it or not the incident described above happened to me a number of times. And also happened to a lot of my girlfriends who run their own business. Correct me if I'm wrong, but apparently being able to support ourselves financially and being independent turns out to be such a turn-off for guys. But if its the other way round where the guy is independent and all actually makes this guy a rare catch in a sea of bad fishes.

So I come to my conclusion that in order to be a perfect woman in this country is to be dumb, and lazy. And if you do that, before you know it a prince charming in a white horse will come sweep you off your feet and both of you will live happily ever after.